Explore Innovative Cabinet Handles by 4 Female Creatives

Glass, ceramic, wood, and metal are four elemental materials in product design. For the release of two new kitchen cabinet series, Shaker and Plain, Copenhagen’s Reform tapped four female creatives to each select one of these raw ma­terials to create cabinet handles. For the range, dubbed the Atelier collection, designer Maria Bruun integrated both na­tural and smoked oak into pulls and knobs. In creating her handles, ceramicist Yukari Hotta was drawn to round unglazed forms inspired by rocks gathered on the beach. Glassblower Nina Nørgaard fabricated clear and colored glass knobs in organic shapes. Artist and metal fabricator Alberte Tranberg embraced the idea of doing things “wrong” by letting the 90-degree angles on her tubular bent-brass pulls flatten in on themselves. reformcph.com

yellow wildflowers in a sink
a cream colored handle on a counter
a brass fixture
handles on a table
a woman in a white shirt
Nina Nørgaard.
white door pulls
a woman in a blue denim shirt looking at a product
Alberte Tranberg.
a woman in a black t-shirt holding a product
Maria Bruun.
a woman in a black turtleneck holding a fixture
Yukari Hotta.
a glass door pull with gold flecks
a black faucet on a gray counter
a glass door pull

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