April 26, 2021

Wallcovering Association Members Offer Insights on 2021 Trends

Earlier this spring, Interior Design Managing Director Helene Oberman hosted a panel in partnership with the Wallcoverings Association featuring its executive director, Matthew Jones. The pair was joined by several Association members who shared how their experiences in 2020 have inspired their designs for 2021.  Marybeth Shaw, chief creative officer at Wolf-Gordon, noted that vibrant patterns in wallcoverings are trending for home and hospitality spaces alike, while Joey Kelly, creative director at Versa Designed Services, spoke about the functionality of the brand’s new PVC-free vinyl embossed wallcoverings. For New Hampshire-based Amy LeFevre, creative director at Len-Tex Wallcoverings, staying home surrounded by forests inspired a collection of biophilic, hand-painted wallpapers; but for Dan Brandt, vice president of product & marketing at MDC Interior Solutions, staying home meant homeschooling, so he presented a series of products for sound management. Collectively, the group stressed the importance of wellness, emphasizing the limitless possibilities of wallcoverings when it comes to enhancing interiors.

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