December 24, 2013

2013 BOY Winner: Firm’s Own Office

Don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house. Or work in a glassy office. Annexing a pair of defunct restaurants right below the space that the firm had occupied for 15 years allowed it to expand to 60,000 square feet and, taking advantage of the two broad storefronts, put on a lively parade of staff going about their daily duties. 

Managing director Jordan Goldstein’s layout emphasizes spatial drama. Starting at the storefronts, visitors reach a reception desk opposite a feature wall that renders a topographical map of the capital in oak fins. Beyond, he removed a rectangular section of concrete slab to insert a double-height atrium through which a floating staircase ascends. On the upper level, the designers—tethered to their desks no longer—can perch just about anywhere. Dozens of meeting rooms, scattered around the open-plan studios, allow small groups to congregate to collaborate.

Project Team:

Carey Ryder Scassera; Christopher Rhoads; David Askins; Emily Owsley; Hansoo Kim; Hene Jun; Karl Smeltzer; Katie Mesia; Lee Lindahl; Robert Sollinger; Yoonho Lee; Yukiko Takahashi.

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