October 18, 2017

3 Chinese Projects Merge Asian Tradition With Contemporary Design

Asian tradition merges with contemporary sensibilities at these three spaces in China.

Firm: Shanghai Hip-Pop Architectural Decoration Design Co.

Project: Setsugekka, Changchun.

Standout: Japan’s age-old concept of snow, moon, flowers, metaphorically winter, fall, spring, is symbolized by the color-changing LEDs at this glass-walled sushi restaurant.

Firm:  Archstudio.

Project: Buddhist shrine, Tangshan.

Standout: In humble deference to nature, this meditation center in board-formed concrete is sited to rise from the ground in a way that preserves the site’s existing Japanese pagoda trees.

Firm: CL3.

Project: Tao Hua Yuan, Tangshan.

Standout: Chinese courtyard houses inspired a pavilion that contains a restaurant, adorned with paper lanterns and scholar’s rocks, and a room for practicing calligraphy.

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