March 14, 2017

3 Sizzling New Nightclubs Worth Staying Up Late For

When the sun sets, the revelers light up at these three hot new nightclubs, where arcade game nostalgia, Alice in Wonderland, and dramatic lighting give reason to dance the night away.

1. Project: Squares.
Firm: Reunion Goods & Services.
Location: New York.
Standout: It’s hip to be square—that’s the driving force behind the design of this New York club which channels arcade game and New York society club nostalgia. Cladding walls and furnishings, 25,000 Japanese glazed tiles follow the motif of Atari’s 8-bit graphics to create a pixelated facsimile of a historic hall, complete with marble busts and stag heads.

2. Project:
Time Nightclub.
Firm: Davis Ink.
Location: Costa Mesa, CA.
Standout: Take a trip down the rabbit hole at Time, where the DJ booth has an Alice in Wonderland theme. The surreal journey, aided by a design with dramatic lighting and no straight lines, continues with tree branches supporting backlit bottle shelves, snakeskin fabric panels, butterfly and melting clock themed wallpaper, and a 35-foot-wide chandelier with green hat-shaped lampshades.

3. Project:
Light Club.
Firm: Tamen Arq.
Location: Hermosillo, Mexico.
Standout: A striking grid of honeycomb-shaped wall panels with integrated lighting responding to the music draws night owls deep into the newly renovated Light Club. Lighting is equally important in the bathrooms, where round glowing mirrors reflecting blue LEDs cladding the opposite wall are a nod to a starry night sky.

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