August 15, 2017

8 Design-Minded Offices in the U.S.

High-design workplaces bring unexpected perks to the table.

1. FirmSkidmore, Owings & Merrill

Project: PMC

Site: New York City

Standout: Public corridors are lined with sleek, backlit walls of Belgian wood laminate, while workspaces showcase a muted palette defined by polished concrete flooring.

Stackpath by Lauckgroup. Photography by Justin Clemons, courtesy of Lauckgroup.

2. FirmLauckgroup

Project: Stackpath

Site: Dallas

Standout: A faceted gypsum board ceiling and splashes of cyan—the internet security company’s color—create a feeling of disruption that’s balanced by clean black, white, and gray finishes.

Sisense by Spector Group. Photography by Ben Gancsos.

3. FirmSpector Group

Project: Sisense

Site: New York City

Standout: Among the attractions at the software intelligence brand’s digs are bold yellow details, exposed metal finishes, and an Instagram-worthy interactive pin wall in reception.

Echo by CannonDesign. Photography by Christopher Barrett.

4. FirmCannonDesign

Project: Echo

Site: Chicago

Standout: The transportation logistics firm’s new space highlights movement through an undulating polished-steel canopy and conference rooms resembling loading docks.

Slack by Snøhetta. Photography by Michael Grimm.

5. FirmSnøhetta

Project: Slack

Site: New York City

Standout: Paley Park–inspired breakout spaces, illuminated by four existing skylights and furnished with bamboo plants, encourage mingling throughout the office.

Corcoran by Inc Architecture & Design. Photography by Frank Oudeman.

6. FirmInc Architecture & Design

Project: Corcoran

Site: New York City

Standout: The real estate agency brandishes its services with Platners and Prouvés, artfully situated around a circulatory network of concrete plaster “streets.”

Axiom by BHDM Design. Photography by Adam Macchia.

7. FirmBHDM Design

Project: Axiom

Site: San Francisco

Standout: An exposed clerestory, sand-blasted cedar beams, and custom metal storefronts forge a decidedly industrial vibe that nods to the law office’s location.

Ancestry by Rapt Studio. Photography by Jeremy Bitterman.

8. FirmRapt Studio

Project: Ancestry

Site: Lehi, UT

Standout: A genealogical ethos pervades, with wall-mounted diptychs of senior employees with their relatives and a communal cafe table designed to evoke “Sunday dinner at Grandma’s.”

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