August 22, 2018

9 Nature-Inspired Home Accessories

Designers draw inspiration from the great outdoors.

1. Deco 02 vases in dyed concrete by Response
2. Gregory Walker and So Jung Lee’s wall-mounted Mary’s Vase in oiled, regionally sourced wood by Kókili
3. Noah Norton’s Mastodon candlesticks in walnut, ash, and oak by Wooda
4. Hanging terrarium in hand-blown glass with brass hardware by Tracy Glover Studio
5. Wood candleholder in birch and beech by Sesstra
6. Woo candelabra in walnut and brass by Bowen Liu
7. Flange vessels in terracotta by Blu Dot
8. Vicent Martínez’s Tombouctou accessories in sipo, walnut, and ash by Mad Lab
9. Gerd Couckhuyt’s BuzziPlank shelves in ash by BuzziSpace

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