April 5, 2021

A Former Residence Morphs into Light-Filled Gallery in Shenzhen, China

The interior of KennaXu Gallery connects to the yard, offering space for communal gatherings. Photography by Kevin, Benmo Studio. 

Surrounded by lush gardens, the KennaXu Gallery in Shenzhen, China displays the beauty of nature alongside the contemporary art that lines its walls. The simplistic ’90s structure and former residence, located in the community where gallery owner Kenna Xu grew up, offers locals a new hub in which to gather given the building’s transformation by DA INTEGRATING LIMITED. Marked with structural challenges, the original space featured a low ceiling on the first floor and a disordered and fragmented layout on the second. To open the building, the design team carved out “frames” on the facade and installed expansive glass partitions throughout, enabling light to flood in. The minimalistic gallery now offers visitors a serene spot for viewing art and nature, perhaps a stone’s throw away from their front door.  

For an airy installation space, the designers created a transparent courtyard. Photography by Kevin, Benmo Studio. 
The open stairwell offers visitors sweeping views of the gallery.  Photography by Kevin, Benmo Studio. 
The space is dominated by white hues, spotlighting the artwork on display. Photography by Kevin, Benmo Studio. 
Skylights brighten the space from above. Photography by Kevin, Benmo Studio. 
Sunlight leaves traces on walls, creating geometric shapes. Photography by Kevin, Benmo Studio. 
The KennaXu Gallery is housed in a residential community. Photography by Kevin, Benmo Studio. 

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