a car showroom with an expansive skylight

Drive into This Award-Winning Car Showroom in Shanghai

2023 Best of Year Winner for Vehicle Showroom

For the launch of the Ji Yue 01, a new Chinese electric automobile with advanced-robotics capabilities, the carmaker teamed up with the Three-Body Problem sci-fi franchise—an award-winning novel trilogy, video game, and soon-to-be Netflix series—to create a co-branded showroom in Shanghai embodying their joint vision of the future. Cityinno Architecture Design Co. drew on one of the books’ most memorable inventions—small, unmanned, teardrop-shape spacecraft with incredible power—as a central image in the 3,000-square-foot space: Rendered in purple mirror-effect stainless steel, one of the zippy little vessels streaks overhead like a comet pointing toward tomorrow’s modes of transport. Beneath this dynamic installation, the public can explore the Ji Yue’s cyber-age technology either by using the interactive screens lining one of the super-sleek showroom’s walls or sitting in the vehicle itself.

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a grat seating area in the Ji Yue & Three-Body Co-brand Store
a car showroom with an expansive skylight
two gray stools near a bright pool wall with shelves

ray sun; sam huang; gloria hong; rona luo.

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