a neutral-toned, modern penthouse kitchen
A storage area in the kitchen is concealed by reeded glass.

This Bangalore Penthouse Pays Homage to Indian Textiles

Perched on the 16th floor of a downtown apartment building lies a 5,000-square-foot family home, an escape from the bustling urban sprawl below. Designer Smita Thomas of Multitude of Sins, a Bangalore-based interior design firm, was brought in after the build to elevate the space with wood, marble, and traditional detailing, as well as ample designated storage, which added “character through its form and materiality,” Thomas notes. The homeowners, who inherited one of the oldest textile companies in the city, also asked that the home pay homage to their family’s work. “Being an ancestral business, textile knowledge and exposure to design enabled them to understand the patterns, motifs, and colors that the house could carry within its design,” she says.

Spread across two floors, the palatial floorplan is open and spacious with walls of double-height windows, ideal for “witnessing beautiful sunsets” yet was initially a “bare shell in terms of interiors,” says the designer. To make the layout more functional, Thomas opted for designated zones, plus brought in architectural forms such as arches as well as materials that would allow each space a visual differentiated purpose.

A Bangalore Penthouse Designed to Standout 

a modern, blush-toned living room and dining area in a Bangalore penthouse apartment
Marble flooring meets corduroy wallpaper and wood beading in the living room.

Originally dressed in a vanilla-toned marble, the main living room was made even more remarkable through stripping the skirting and creating a layered composition of beige and maroon marble, “imposing definition and a sense of nuance to the existing flooring,” shares the designer. The living room also features a free-handed, Renaissance-esque art piece inspired by classical motifs with a pair of cranes, a sign of positivity in the Indian Vastu, a traditional architectural system based on ancient texts. Below wood beading and corduroy wallpaper merges with the marble, while a white-and-black marble table, spindled chairs, and a pastel-toned rug, custom designed by MOS, yields a highly sophisticated seating area.

In the dry kitchen, an extension of the dining area, a waterfall breakfast counter composed of five different marbles defines the space, while unique storage concealed by reeded glass houses built-in appliances. There’s also shoe storage within the foyer with a look “cohesive to the design language followed in the house” featuring fluted glass and fluted wood with ventilation pores.

There are plenty of other statement-making moments in the house like the stairwell, which marries solid wood diamond beading, stained veneer, and marble with classical wallpaper, the the curvilinear wood shelving in the primary bedroom, as well as the underwater-themed headboard in the daughter’s bedroom, crafted from multiple fabrics and leather.

The Child’s Bedroom Features a Safari Theme

“Through our conversations with the child, we came across her love for animals and safaris. Taking the same as our inspiration for the room, we developed a space thoroughly thought through in terms of the material choices and colors,” Thomas adds.

For Thomas and her team, curating this space and carrying the story of the home “over the finish line has been an exercise in honoring the vision, making room for oodles of personality, and at the same time, brewing a sense of belonging that stayed staunchly at command,” she says.

a curved mirror centers a vanity
Architectural forms are found throughout the space, including in this vanity.
floor to ceiling windows covered by curtains in a neutrally decorated luxury apartment
Walls of double-height windows add to the luxurious feel of the space.
a free-handed, Renaissance-esque art piece on the wall of a Bangalore home
The free-handed, Renaissance-esque art piece includes a pair of cranes, a sign of positivity in traditional Indian architectural systems.
a pastel-toned rug under spindle chairs in a dining area of an apartment
The pastel-toned rug was custom designed by MOS.
a neutral-toned, modern penthouse kitchen
A storage area in the kitchen is concealed by reeded glass.
a wooden headboard with carved details
The primary bedroom’s intricate headboard made of mixed materials.
a child's bedroom with an abstract underwater-inspired headboard
The underwater themed headboard in the client’s daughter’s room is made from multiple fabrics and leather.
a child's bedroom with an underwater animal theme
The daughter’s love for animals and safaris inspired the unique design of her bedroom.
the stairwell of a modern apartment with classical-inspired decor
Classical wallpaper meets a stained veener in the home’s stairwell.
views of the city at sunset at a Bangalore penthouse
The 16th floor apartment provides sunset views of the bustling city below.

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