October 1, 2018

Brush Up on Acoustical Training With LightArt

CEUs don’t have to feel like going back to school. LightArt’s new CEU, Everything is Acoustic, takes designers out of the classroom and into the field with Zackery Belanger, an acoustical designer and founder of Arcgeometer. With Zackery and others, designers will explore testing facilities and anechoic chambers, examine how sound moves in a wide range of everyday spaces, understand what products and treatments create pitch-perfect environments, and learn the full history of acoustical architecture.
Registration is now open and can be accessed here.

The Acoustical Ring fixture in a burnt umber Sola felt. Photography courtesy of LightArt.
A rendering of an airport terminal with a 16-foot diameter Acoustical Ring in center, flanked by Acoustical Drums to the left. Rendering courtesy of LightArt. 
Two Acoustical Boxes add to this minimalist residential decor. Photography courtesy of LightArt.
This rendering features Acoustical Boxes, which can provide both illumination and aural reprieve in a modern office’s breakout spaces. Rendering courtesy of LightArt. 

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