May 1, 2018

Disparate Elements Joyfully Commingle in 3 European Residences

Disparate elements joyfully commingle in a trio of European residences.

Baciocchi Associati. Photography by Helenio Barbetta/Living Inside. Styling by Chiara Dal Canto.

1. Firm: Baciocchi Associati

Site: Arezzo, Italy

Recap: The home of the firm’s founder, Roberto Baciocchi, is sited in 16th-century environs, but contemporary touches and custom artwork translate to decor that’s squarely in the present.

Giuliano Andrea Dell’uva Architetti. Photography by Nathalie Krag/Living Inside. Styling by Chiara Dal Canto.

2. Firm: Giuliano Andrea Dell’uva Architetti

Site: Milan

Recap: Custom iron shelving runs through the living room and bedroom, adding definition and order amid the client’s vibrant design collection.

Permis de Construire and K2A. Photography by Michel Figuet/Living Inside.

3. Firm: Permis de Construire and K2A

Site: Brussels

Recap: At designer Arnaud Masson’s own home in the Belgian city, an emphasis on simplicity and natural materials inspired the choice of dramatic clay-coated walls and mortar floors as well as earth-tone sculptural furnishings.

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