January 28, 2014

Food and Wine: 7 New Restaurants in North America

Restaurants all over North America are flourishing. Keep reading for the proof—7 restaurant interiors designed by far-flung firms:

1. Firm: Allied Works Architecture

Project: Sokol Blosser, Dayton, Oregon

Standout: Cedar dominates at this winery, from the untreated planks of the striated facade to the clear-varnished tongue-and-groove boards in the tasting room.

2. Firm: SLDesign

Project: Buffet Americana, Tunica, Mississippi

Standout: Referencing classic American work wear, select walls are adorned with bolts of denim, spools of cotton rope, and tiles crafted from vintage leather belts.

3. Firm: Hacin + Associates

Project: Gather, Boston.

Standout: Bare bulbs, dangling from a canopy of perforated particleboard, light up the restaurant at the multi-use District Hall, part of a municipal innovation zone.

4. Firm: Parallel Design

Project: Pop @ Pod, New York

Standout: Off a hotel lobby, a burger joint’s walls of laser-cut anodized aluminum and silk-screened glass provide a peppy counterpoint to the copious cedar.

5. Firm: Lundberg Design

Project: Hard Water, San Francisco

Standout: Above the bar in Carrara marble and stools with oiled-walnut seats, a steel buoy, turned into a pendant fixture, reminds drinkers of the Embarcadero location.

6. Firm: Scott & Scott Architects

Project: Bestie, Vancouver, British Columbia

Standout: Lamps, coats, and umbrellas are among the items that can hang from birch pegs inserted into holes in the oiled-spruce paneling at a German-themed eatery.

7. Firm: Riscala Agnese Design Group

Project: Potatopia, New York

Standout: Starch-white chevrons were hand-stenciled onto a plywood wall and canopy at an outpost of a casual restaurant chain dedicated to the humble spud.

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