February 28, 2019

Forms and Function: 4 Design-Driven Workplaces

“When diverse elements collide, ordinary becomes unique.”

Firm: AD Architecture


Location: Shantou, China

Standout: The combination of concrete, sculpturesque seating, and spare but strong color feels more art gallery than branding consultancy headquarters.

Aon by Progres Atelier. Photography by BoysPlayNice.

“We preserved the historic site’s character and craftsmanship.”

Firm: Progres Atelier

Project: Aon

Location: Prague

Standout: Contemporary interventions in the form of a resin cocoon chandelier and a mezzanine of powder-coated metal enabled the 1896 neo-baroque shell housing the insurance company to stay intact.

Nest by Beza Projekt. Photography by Jacek Kolodziejski/Beza Projekt.

“Our language of pattern and texture is organic and vivid.”

Firm: Beza Projekt

Project: Nest

Location: Warsaw

Standout: Residentially scaled custom furniture, plush upholstery and carpet, and decorative wallpaper by Ikakok yield an intentional homey vibe at the five-level co-working space, drenched in its corporate color.

Distillery by KOGAA Studio. Photography by BoysPlayNice.

“The potential of post-industrial adaptation excites us.”

Firm: KOGAA Studio

Project: Distillery

Location: Brno, Czech Republic.

Standout: The 19th-century former distillery’s bones trans­lated well into a co-working space: partially removing its central beam system to create a double-height presentation hall and installing a tiny bar in an existing elevator shaft.

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