January 18, 2018

Global Influence Mixes With Local Expertise at Medallia’s Silicon Valley Office By M Moser

Studying maps of informally planned cities in Europe, India, and South America led M Moser Associates to design solutions for the San Mateo office of technology company Medallia. Director Dominique Price noticed the potential of spaces between buildings and transposed that idea onto the 210,000-square-foot office. Spaces without walls became secondary collaborative work areas that Price likens to parks and plazas.

Global influence is seen elsewhere in the project, including in break-out areas named for cities from Oslo and Nairobi. Medallia staff with specific links to each location had a hand in selecting finishes and furniture. “We curated a selection and then they went further to elaborate those with authentic decor and accessories,” Price says. The firm works to implement client ownership in all of their projects, whether designing in Bangalore, London, or California.

An expansive coffee bar on the ground floor. Photography by Emily Hagopian.
Barstools are copper-plated steel. Photography by Emily Hagopian.
Acoustic panels absorb sound in a work area. Photography by Emily Hagopian.
Booths with vibrant wallpaper serve as meeting areas. Photography by Emily Hagopian.
Stained plywood was CNC-cut with custom graphics. Photography by Emily Hagopian.
A break-out area features vintage furniture. Photography by Emily Hagopian.
The office was inspired by cities around the globe. Photography by Emily Hagopian.

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