January 30, 2020

Grupo Arca by Esrawe Studio: 2019 Best of Year Winner for Showroom

Wood flooring from France, Italian-fabricated engineered stone, exotic natural stone from around the globe. Offering these in showrooms around Mexico, Grupo Arca is a favorite of architects and interior designers. But the company also takes pride in promoting design, culture, and art through extraordinary experiences. This 70,000-square-foot facility is just that, providing spaces not only to display exquisite building materials but also to host temporary exhibitions, film screenings, and musical performances.

“We like to provoke our clients to include a cultural component in their projects,” states Esrawe Studio director Héctor Esrawe, who did so here with clearly defined zones: a skylit warehouse for inventory and a three-level showroom wing with product galleries, offices, and a bookstore-café. The latter is situated around an open-air agora, or courtyard, enveloped by Italian Ocean Blue travertine panels. The entry facade boasts lighter-hued Italian travertine interjected with planes of blackened concrete. In-house artisans crafted the restroom’s monolithic Italian marble sink and reception’s rustic Turkish marble desk. “The interiors are neutral,” architecture coordinator Laura Vela says, “with gallery lighting to show off the drama of the materials.”

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Esrawe’s leather-upholstered seating appears in reception, where it juxtaposes with the rustic Turkish marble desk. Photography by Genevieve Lutkin.
Myrtle trees, ferns, and monsteras add greenery to the travertine-wrapped courtyard. Photography by César Béjar/Production Revista Container.
In-house artisans crafted a mono­lithic sink from Italian marble, which also clads the restroom’s walls, floor, and ceiling. Photography by Genevieve Lutkin.
Blackened concrete with travertine insets composes the entry facade. Photography by César Béjar/Production Revista Container.

Project Team: Antonio Chávez; María Santibañez; Jacobo Mendoza; Andrea Guillén; Brenda Vázquez; Fernando Carnalla; Tatiana Godoy; Fabián Dávila; Daniela Pulido; Javier García Rivera; Roberto González; Yair Ugarte; Moisés González; Gael Félix; Cadena+Asociados Concept Design.

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