April 23, 2021

Hotels Only References Medieval Design for a Modern Russian Restaurant

Tile flooring at the entrance of Fazenda provides a graphic break from the rest of the space. Photography by Dmitry Tsyrenshikov.

Inspired by the medieval history of Veliky Novgorod, Russian interior design firm Hotels Only drew inspiration from the city’s 14th century taverns to create the modern restaurant Fazenda. A minimalist color scheme, sand-like in tone and texture, references the limestone and brick laying technologies from the days of yore while bold black lighting fixtures illuminate the space in a contemporary fashion. Minimalist chairs made from natural wood invite diners relax beneath a reimagined thatched ceiling, which adds a rustic element to the dining area, further emphasized by woven baskets and hand-crafted ceramic accents. As for the kitchen, it’s visible behind a low stone wall, much like those seen throughout the city centuries ago. 

Dried flowers add a pastoral element to the cozy restaurant. Photography by Dmitry Tsyrenshikov.
Subtle lamps illuminate tables near the restaurant’s rounded pillars. Photography by Dmitry Tsyrenshikov.
A stone wall separates the dining room from the kitchen. Photography by Dmitry Tsyrenshikov.
Backlit mirrors showcase the textural profile of the restroom wall. Photography by Dmitry Tsyrenshikov.
Diners are able to watch chefs prepare their meals in the open-kitchen. Photography by Dmitry Tsyrenshikov.

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