July 14, 2021

JCPCDR Architecture Elevates the Dental Exam Experience with Paris Dental Studios

The studio’s lobby is illuminated by daylight through a glass canopy. Photography by David Foessel.

Even Parisians dread going to the dentist. Aiming to elevate the oral examination experience through a design-forward, wellness-centered space, a close collaboration between youthful dentists and designers has resulted in a très chic urban locale. Located in the Arts et Métiers area, patients at Paris Dental Studios are greeted by courtyard views and a warm sylvan lobby featuring a floor-to-ceiling continuous wooden ribbon that traverses through the space, making its way between the bearing walls and creating partitions between the consultation rooms. JCPCDR Architecture used a locally produced oak essence to dye the wood a rich brown, which is then highlighted with integrated lighting along baseboards, door frames, and furniture. The tech-forward space also features a carefully curated selection of artworks from the next door gallery, adding an element of sophistication. In fact, before JCPCDR Architecture founder Jean-Christophe Petillault began his design career, he took on medical school where he befriended a Paris Dental Studios dentist. “It was a very natural and prolific working relationship,” Petillault shares, “and we are planning for more studios openings in the near future.” 

A terrazzo lamp hangs over a cozy alcove. Photography by David Foessel.
Wood adds visual interest in the space, forming arched doorways and alcoves throughout. Photography by David Foessel.
Curved lines and wooden slats create a welcoming environment as patients walk into the exam room. Photography by David Foessel.
Integrated lighting and eye-catching fixtures illuminate the space. Photography by David Foessel.
The wooden motifs continue from the hall into examination rooms. Photography by David Foessel.
The office features playful pink bathrooms. Photography by David Foessel.

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