August 16, 2018

Jqlyn & Co. Channels Nature and Indigenous Cultures for Wallpaper Collection

Goboleaux by Jqlyn & Co.

Designer Jacquelyn Moore-Hill inaugurates her Brooklyn-based wallpaper and print studio with The 5 Kingdoms, a 35-SKU debut named for the classification system. Informed by indigenous cultures and natural elements, the line’s varied muses include the multidimensionality of gemstones, the fluidity of topographical planes, and the mystery of microbes. The playful Goboleaux print illustrates various classes of the animal kingdom, while Grace embraces the rich biodiversity of flora and fauna. Tribal themes turn abstract in Chatoyant, the motifs softened by watercolor effects. Elixir uncovers the unexpected beauty of microorganisms. The wallpapers are digitally printed on textured vinyl with nonwoven background, or on grass cloth; they’re also available as made-to-order custom murals.

Sketches that inspired Goboleaux.

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