March 1, 2018

Ligne Roset Brings Expertise to Contract Customization

Ligne Roset’s Marcella chair at London’s Restaurant Londrino. Photography courtesy of Ligne Roset.

For nearly 160 years, Ligne Roset has been synonymous with modern luxury on a global scale. Boasting extensive catalogs, 200 brand-exclusive stores, and 750 retail distributors, the French brand entices designers with high-design furniture across Europe, the Americas, and Asia. In addition to their standard product lines, the company also offers contract and customization options, which they have put to use with projects like the Standard hotel in downtown Los Angeles and the Inscape meditation studio in New York City, as well as countless other projects from restaurants to cruise ships around the world. Ligne Roset’s contract pieces and bespoke capabilities are a natural choice for designers working within the growing domestic luxury hospitality market.

If a hospitality designer cannot find what he or she is looking for in Ligne Roset’s sizable contract catalog, exploring customization is easy to get started. “One of the advantages of our company is that we are very lean,” says Simone Vingerhoets, executive vice president of Ligne Roset’s North and South Americas branch. “This makes creating a piece of custom furniture incredibly fast, efficient, and flexible.” 

Citta armchair and Bul lamp at the Fitzwilliam Hotel Belfast, Ireland. Photography courtesy of Ligne Roset.

When designers approach Ligne Roset for a custom project, they work directly with the brand’s knowledgeable team of engineers to realize their vision within the project’s budgetary restraints (designers are also welcomed to visit any of the seven factories Ligne Roset operates across France). Once a design has been finalized, Ligne Roset applies their own laminates, veneers, upholstery, or lacquer to a prototype of the product before moving on to official production. If Ligne Roset cannot manufacture a particular part of a bespoke item, they call upon their vast network of partner manufacturers and engineers to create it. This is due to the brand’s long history of expert craftsmanship and their powerful network, explains Vingerhoets. Regional know-how in North and South America help designers working in these regions to achieve the specifications, standards and budgetary needs for each hospitality project.

Facett chair at the Hyatt Regency – Ekaterinburg Russia. Photography courtesy of Ligne Roset. 

“Ligne Roset has been in the furniture manufacturing business for 160 years, and that expertise and opportunity to create something truly beautiful is what we offer designers,” says Vingerhoets.

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