May 20, 2020

MAPA Constructs Minimalist House from Concrete in Uruguay

A floor lamp and lounge by BoConcept join a sideboard and tables by Estudio Diario in the living area. Photography by Leonardo Finotti.

Sometimes, six is enough. Case in point: the Lagos house in Canelones, a vineyard-rich section of western Uruguay, which MAPA constructed of just a half-dozen prefabricated concrete slabs which rest on two concrete walls made in the same factory.

“When you enter the house, you can actually understand how the loads run through the elements until they reach the soil,” says MAPA’s co-founder and partner Andrés Gobba. “You can also understand in seconds how the house was built. Or, let’s say, mounted.”

Outside, a chair by Taller Capitán offers a place to sit and contemplate a custom firepit and pond. Photography by Leonardo Finotti.

You can also view the nearby lake from most points in the home—not to mention grab a pair of oars from the patio wall and explore it yourself. The black-and-white forms echo the spare furnishings inside and Gobba’s credo: “A minimalist and honest approach to details, less but better.”

Cabinetry by MOAA lines a wall of the kitchen, with a Laviere Vitacca countertop, Trios Lighting luminaires, and a Bosch sink and faucet. Photography by Leonardo Finotti.
Astori provided the structure’s slabs of pre-molded concrete. Photography by Leonardo Finotti.
Depok dining chairs by Siediti surround the clients’ dining table. Photography by Leonardo Finotti.
A seat by Taller Capitán overlooks the pond. Photography by Leonardo Finotti.

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