December 27, 2019

Mickaël Gouret Designs Nature-Based Parisian Pastry Shop for Olivier Stehly

A custom table of oak, travertine, and brass sits beneath a matching neon ring of light. Photography by Sila Serce.

Patisserie chef Olivier Stehly‘s passion lies at the intersection of patisserie and the fantastical world. It comes as no surprise then, that his recently opened pastry-shop-cum-tea-house in the 1st arrondissement of Paris serves up an atmosphere sprinkled with whimsy—but also rooted in the natural world.

Designed by French architect and designer Mickaël Gouret, the interior features a custom ring-shaped, oak table topped with a thin travertine slab, around which customers can share a pastry on an array of iconic Roly Poly chairs.

Bent neon lights, akin to cake sprinkles, are dotted around the ceiling. Photography by Sila Serce.

All around, Gouret dressed the walls in coco mat, made from coconut fibre husks, and injected some additional fun with oval alcove shelves, bent neon lights on the ceiling, and decorative clay bowls doubling up as wall hooks. “Olivier has a strong and colorful universe mixing cartoon and pop art,” says Gouret, “but he also wanted to use raw materials and echo nature.”

Mickaël Gouret used raw materials such as oak and travertine to stay true to his client’s wish for a design that echoes nature. Photography by Sila Serce.
Oval alcove shelves add a touch of whimsy to the space. Photography by Sila Serce.
The pastry shop features a natural, earthy palette and geometric shapes that infuse the space with a pop art look. Photography by Sila Serce.
The walls inside the pastry shop are dressed in coco mat and clay bowls double up as playful wall hooks. Photography by Sila Serce.

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