January 23, 2021

Mother Pearl in Hong Kong Serves Up a More Sustainable Cup of Tea

Mother Pearl in Hong Kong is the brand’s flagship vegan bubble tea shop. Photography by Amanda Kho. 

Bubble tea is here to stay, and the team behind Mother Pearl—a sustainably minded brand that aims to minimize food waste—took each ingredient to heart when considering the design for its recently opened flagship in Hong Kong. The designers, who form the collective known as A Work of Substance, offer tea enthusiasts an inviting and fresh space to recharge as Mother Pearl expands its global reach. The team chose a pearl-shaped sign and globular lighting clusters that reflect the tapioca beads swirling in each cup of tea.

Just as a cup of bubble tea offers endless surprises for the palate, the 350-square-foot locale is designed to elicit a sense of wonder from those who enter through its deep green facade. To add dimensionality to the compact space, the design team utilized glass and raw materials, such as the terracotta brick walls. We identified the aspects that marked the bubble tea drinking experience memorable and appealing, then translated in Mother Pearl’s interior and branding elements,” says Maxime Dautresme, creative director and founder of A Work of Substance. “We also considered the location of the store, especially its surrounding urban and bustling environment, and posited the space as a portal that allows visitors to reflect and to take a pause in between the hustle and bustle.” 

The sand-blasted glass menu and terracotta brick walls reflect the organic ingredients used to make tea. Photography by Amanda Kho. 
Driven by traditional ingredients, Mother Pearl’s flagship store embodies the brand’s vision of providing a cleaner, more sustainable beverage option for the savviest of consumers. Photography by Amanda Kho. 
The pearl-shaped lighting fixtures are custom. Photography by Amanda Kho. 
The exterior of Mother Pearl. The flagship serves as an example of how simple and scalable design can be used to create a more sustainable future.  Photography by Amanda Kho. 

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