July 20, 2018

Piet Boon Studio Gets Comfortable With Curvaceous Furniture

Ella sofa and armchair with Ode coffee table.

Form is the foundation of design. But for Piet Boon Studio, it’s a fixation. “The new releases display our fascination with shape, and the intuitive process of creating form,” says the Dutch firm’s namesake, referring to the curvaceous profiles shared by the studio’s furniture lineup.

The voluptuous contours of the Ella sofa, armchair, and chaise longue—held aloft by hand-crafted cast-aluminum legs—are fitted with removable fabric or leather covers. Boon embraces asymmetry in Ode, a coffee table composed of two offset MDF disks, coated in a powdered-metal composite that lends a subtle sheen. Olle is a circular tribute to dining democracy: since there’s no head, the table makes everyone feel equally important. Supporting a solid-oak top, the stark base—veneered in the same wood—borders on the primitive.

Ella armchair and sofa with Ode coffee table.
Ella chaise longue and Ode coffee table.
Hand-crafted cast-aluminum legs on an Ella armchair.
Ode powdered-metal coffee table.
Olle round dining table.

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