March 11, 2021

QUCESS Creates a Co-Working Space in Beijing That’s Open 24/7

The floorplan provides areas for privacy without isolation from the rest of the space. Photography by Shi Yunfeng.

Beijing’s Haidian district is home to the bustling Chuangye Street where researchers and entrepreneurs can be found working day and night. Here, the industrial-focused QUCESS DESIGN FIRM transformed an office building into a modern coworking space dubbed Inno. EcoSLab, which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Dedicated to serving professional urbanites, the design team at QUCESS envisioned the multipurpose space to be a haven for members, energizing the surrounding tech-centric area with its considerate design.

A small seating area adjacent to the in-house café. Photography by Shi Yunfeng.

In envisioning the space, QUCESS retained the majority of the building’s original framework, extending certain walls and corridors to open the floorplan while also creating semi-enclosed work areas. A stark palette of green and white hues enliven the interiors, which complement the gravel, clinker, iron and terrazzo accents that punctuate indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as the transitional zones between them. Additionally, a diverse range of indoor plants form a micro landscape within Inno. EcoSLab, providing a soothing environment removed from the streetscape.

The subtle glow from the backlit railing adds dimension to the open stairwell. Photography by Shi Yunfeng.

Upon entering, guests are greeted with a café and bar counter that invites informal conversation and connection. A circular flow created by the curved window-seating and discussion zones connects the first floor to the mezzanine, ideal for group meetings. Members of Inno. EcoSLab also have access to special amenities, including an exclusive lounge and sleeping cabin. Regardless of membership, QUCESS’s design ensures all who visit encounter a welcoming work environment, fit for productivity and collaboration.

Private work stations include acoustic barriers. Photography by Shi Yunfeng.
Transparent room dividers, such as this one made from metal wires, enable guests to maintain a clear line of site throughout the entire space.  Photography by Shi Yunfeng.
A green lounge area is illuminated by natural sunlight. Photography by Shi Yunfeng.
QUCESS uses vertical design to optimize the amount of available seating. Photography by Shi Yunfeng.

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