June 3, 2016

Rivals of the Companies Behind These 7 Innovative Offices are Green with Envy

Innovative offices produce happy employees—and jealous competitors.

1. Firm: Eastlake Studio.
Project: Equator Design.
Location: Chicago.
Standout: At a packaging design firm’s graphically charged studio, walls sport mismatched picture frames and hand-painted murals, including a giant octopus. 

Comcast by Design Blitz. Photography by Jasper Sanidad.

2. FirmDesign Blitz.
Project: Comcast.
Location: Sunnyvale, California.
Standout: Angles are writ large and small, from the canopies sheltering break-out areas to the pyramids on polyester film and a wall’s chevrons in moss and plywood.

WELD by Shelden Architecture. Photography by Wade Griffith.

3. Firm: Shelden Architecture.
Project: WELD.
Location: Nashville.
Standout: Private offices occupy the shipping containers protruding through the facade of this coworking space, while another has become a bustling coffee bar.

PixMob by Jean de Lessard Designers Créatifs. Photography by Adrien Williams.

4. Firm: Jean de Lessard Designers Créatifs.
Project: PixMob.
Location: Montreal.
Standout: At a converted textile factory, freestanding meeting rooms are budget-friendly blackboard-painted drywall with contrasting interiors in canary yellow.

Ranquist Development Group by Vladimir Radutny Architects. Photography by Mike Schwartz.

5. FirmVladimir Radutny Architects.
Project: Ranquist Development Group.
Location: Chicago.
Standout: Screens of perforated blackened steel allow for partial visibility, but there’s a clear view of the company president’s Porsche in the glass-fronted garage.

Optimedia by Nefa Architects. Photography by Ilya Ivanov.

6. Firm: Nefa Architects.
Project: Optimedia.
Location: Moscow.
Standout: Two colors, blue and white, and two geometric shapes, the circle and the square, give a crisply dual identity to this marketing agency.

Inertia Engineering by Studio 15B. Photography by Mindi Cooke.

7. Firm: Studio 15B.
Project: Inertia Engineering.
Location: Brisbane, Australia.
Standout: Colored paper laminate creates a mod patchwork on the sliding doors of flush-mounted cabinetry in the office area, an effect echoed in the pantry.

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