Plywood constructed guest area

ROOI Design and Research Creates a Compact Apartment in Beijing

For an apartment renovation in Beijing, Zuoqian Wang, chief designer of ROOI Design and Research, had several constraints including a limited budget and a small space. Initially part of a dormitory in a research institution, the architect had to create functional zones in the apartment, differentiating space for the bedroom, living room, and bathroom. “The apartment was designed as open as possible, and functionally very compacted,” the architect explains. Wang made creative use of every inch available in the 500-square-foot space. He demolished an older wall and inserted plywood structures to function as beds and storage systems. Existing windows were replaced with larger ones and bright white is the main color in the home. “Natural material and color have been used throughout the design,” Wang says. The result is a comfortable space in a bustling city.

Plywood storage in bedroom
Plywood storage integrates space for books and a lamp.
Bedroom space
The bed frame is also plywood.
ROOI Design and Research Apartment stone column
An existing column was clad in stone.
Client's cats rest in renovated space
The renovation provides space for the client’s cats.
Plywood constructed guest area
A guest area was constructed from plywood.
Plywood cabinets in kitchen
Cabinets in the kitchen are plywood, while new windows bring in additional light.