people playing basketball in an expansive gym

How Tetris Informs the Design of This Must-See Gym

2023 Best of Year Winner for Fitness

Tetris and color psychology informed the concept for BeInfinity gym and social club in Wuhan, China, which brings together professional sports, fitness training, and recreational gathering under one roof. On the top floor of a shopping mall, the site was originally a cavernous 24 feet high. But Lukstudio devised two-story, blocklike structures to be built within it; they not only tame the volume but also enlarge the floor area to nearly 38,000 square feet. Metal-grid banisters and ceiling panels delineate rooms, painted different shades depending on the sport. Batting cages, for instance, are a focusing blue. Red, associated with strength and dominance, defines the weight room. White semicircle balconies offer places to pause between exercise regimes and vistas of the central hall, where members gather for group classes and activities.

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a basketball court lines with a wall of glass windows
people playing basketball in an expansive gym
a purple hued workout zone
the fitness center includes multiple levels
bright green locker room in the fitness center

LUKSTUDIO: christina luk; angel wang; kate deng; munyee ng; yoko you; weifeng yu; vivi du; zoey zhou; haibin chao; coca gao.

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