an archway leads to the bar in le bar

Trippy Geometric Forms Shape This Award-Winning Bar Design

2023 Best of Year Winner for Bar/Lounge

The suprematist art movement, an early 20th–century style associated with manipulating basic shapes and colors to channel pure emotion, inspired the trippy geometric forms of Le Bar, a 2,000-square-foot watering hole in Nanchang, China. Matrix Design used different hues of light to distinguish each space, from the edgy VIP room to the warm and inviting central bar. The effect is accentuated by glass partitions that diffuse floor- and ceiling-mounted LEDs into a soft, ethereal gradient, lending the entire space an energetic yet dreamy quality. Additional accents include textured wall paint and antique brass fixtures. It’s the layering of these simple elements that creates a bold effect.

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blue and red hues surround the bar in le bar
a seating area awash in hues of deep red in le bar
an ombre wall of blue and red hues
an archway leads to the bar in le bar

MATRIX DESIGN: wang guan; liu jianhui; wang zhaobao.

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