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Image courtesy of INFORM Studio, SITU Fabrication and Photographer Steven Kroodsma.

Top 5 AI Tools for Design Firms

It seems that just about everyone is talking about Artificial Intelligence. One reason, as stated by the Future Today Institute, is that AI is a trend impacting all industries ranging from agriculture and consumer products to real estate and construction. So, what does AI mean for the architecture and interior design industry?

In case you missed it, ThinkLab sat down with Eric Klooster, Director of Design at INFORM Studio, and Abby Shehan, Senior Design Director at Premier, for a candid conversation about AI. They discussed how machine learning tools are expanding design capabilities, what’s on the horizon for our industry, and which tools have the greatest impact.

The reality? There’s an increasingly wide spectrum of tools available. Many that assist with design conception, provide time and cost savings, and there are also robust options that speed up construction of the built environment without drafting a CD set. You read that right.

Wherever you or your firm is on the love-fear AI spectrum, there are tools that are worth exploring. We’ve rounded up their recommendations and added a few of our own to present five AI tools you and your firm must try.

1. UpCodes Copilot

Your Al-powered code assistant. Accelerate your code research with relevant code section responses tailored to your project-specific questions.

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2. Midjourney

For generating innovative ideas through machine learning, this platform adapts to feedback to produce iterative design solutions that align with requirements and considerations, such as material choices and site specification. Learn about the full process and benefits here.

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