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digby and Heller


Vignelli Rocker NFT Sustainability Program



a red chair is the Vignelli Rocker NFT Sustainability Program by digby and Heller
Photography by Heller.

With the world shifting to a more digital marketplace and design legitimacy more in question, Heller recognized the need to find new and innovative ways to continue to build trust and preserve their proprietary design. Heller partnered with digital design innovation company digby on their Polygon blockchain-based token product designed to establish indisputable authenticity and protect intellectual property for their new release of iconic Vignelli Rocker chair. The digby Design Authenticator (DDA) Product, enables Heller to introduce an irrefutable digital token to solidify the authenticity of each Vignelli Rocker sold, offering a level of provenance not previously available to consumers, while connecting them with Heller’s commitment to sustainability.

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