September 10, 2018

100 Emerging Designers Rethink the Vase for Paris Design Week

Vases by Birnam Wood Studio founder Brecht Gander are showcased in “1.000 VASES” during Paris Design Week. Image courtesy of Birnam Wood Studio.

Even the design-averse recognize the beauty of vases, which come in manifold shapes, sizes, and materials, and boast an illustrious history of storytelling and decoration. With this in mind, renowned architect Roberto Baciocchi and Meet My Project invited over 100 emerging designers from across the globe to offer unique interpretations of the objet d’art for Paris Design Week. Showing from October 7-11 at l’Espace Commines in the 3rd arrondissement, the exhibition, called “1.000 VASES,” gives the age-old tabletop accessory a contemporary twist.

Meet My Project founder Francesco Pirrello, who curated the show in collaboration with say hi to_ founder Kristen de la Vallière, reflects on the show’s beguiling simplicity. “The vase is an easy piece to understand that represents cultural diversity and artisanal richness,” Pirrello says. These elements are taken to the next level when considering Baciocchi’s skylit exhibition design, which elevates the creative cachet of each vase through close proximity and juxtaposition with others. “Baciocchi’s scenography brings design closer to people and makes it more accessible and emotional,” he continues.

Roberto Baciocchi spearheaded exhibition design for “1.000 VASES.” Image courtesy of Meet My Project.

The curators tapped talent from over 60 countries. “We searched exceptional designers and fine artists from across the globe—Chile, Japan, Iceland—to see how they translated their visual language and artisan skills into the vase,” says de la Vallière, a recognized champion of the emerging design sphere since founding say hi to_ in 2013. Featured designers include North American studios Susan for Susan, Brecht Gander, and Another Human alongside international up-and-comers Ragna RagnarsdottirYunWook Mun, and Avi Ben Shoshan.

“1.000 VASES” will display at l’Espace Commines, located at 17 Rue Commines in the 3rd arrondissement, until September 11. Browse a selection of the vases below. 

Andres Reisinger.
Another Human Design.
Etre Moderne.
Jay Jaeyon Park.
Jonatan Nilsson.
Katia Tolstykh.
Matz Engdahl.
Ragna Ragnarsdottir.
Simone Bodmer Turner.
Valeria Vasi.

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