HiP Awards 2023 Memo Furniture for Rolo Collection
Photography by For Memo_RoloCollection_1 Only >> Credit: Raphael Soldi Photography.

Inside Interior Design’s Day 1 Edition of NeoCon ShowDaily

Day 1 of Interior Design‘s NeoCon ShowDaily is here! With a new issue produced each day by our on-site editors inside the DesignScene lounge by SANDOW during NeoCon, the industry’s premier commercial design show at THE MART in Chicago, ShowDaily spotlights the latest trends and hottest showrooms, as well as conversations with industry innovators. In this issue, see who’s part of the NeoCon keynote series and glimpse eye-catching pieces like Swell, a wavy entryway accent designed by Brooklyn-based Anna Dawson. From office furniture that blends seamlessly into hospitality settings to textiles with surprising patterns and colors, Day 1 of Interior Design‘s NeoCon ShowDaily has you covered.

Page Through Day 1 of Interior Design’s NeoCon ShowDaily 

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