October 2, 2017

4 Classic Seats See Clever Reissues

1. Ole Wanscher for Carl Hansen & Søn

Product: Beak chair.

Standout: The Danish architect crafted the chair in 1951, when it was dubbed 0W124, but its new name references its signature protruding oak arms and contrasting walnut cover caps resembling bird eyes.

the Beak Chair by Carl Hansen & Son
Beak chair by Ole Wanscher for Carl Hansen & Søn.

2. Umberto Asnago for Giorgetti

Product: Progetti Pure.

Standout: Leather still wraps and slings around the designer’s new version of the 1987 original, but there’s less of it, exposing more of the sinuous beech frame.

Progretti Pure chairs
Progetti Pure by Umberto Asnago for Giorgetti.

3. Sergio Rodrigues for LinBrasil

Product: Oscar.

Standout: Named for fellow Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, who gifted one of the armchairs to his daughter on her wedding day, the 1953 design is resurrected in the original Brazilian walnut and cane.

Oscar chair by Sergio Rodriguez for LinBrasil
Oscar by Sergio Rodrigues for LinBrasil.
a sketch of the Oscar chair
A drawing of the Oscar chair.

4. Herbert Hirche for Richard Lampert

Product: Hirche.

Standout: A mid-century design by the late architect and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe protégé, eventually put into production in 2000, now boasts Designers Guild’s all-weather polypropylene.

Hirche, a pink diamond patterned chair
Hirche by Herbert Hirche for Richard Lampert.

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