March 17, 2020

A Message From Editor in Chief Cindy Allen

All of us at Interior Design are thinking about you during this uncertain time. In addition to feeling a strong sense of concern for the well-being of the design community, I am also concerned for the health of your businesses. The pandemic has already had an impact, economic and otherwise, on your projects, products, processes, and teams. This crisis affects everyone, from small local business to those reliant on global production and sourcing. While each situation is unique, we are in this together and will get through it…together.

It is a disorienting and potentially isolating time. We have all been grounded from travel and unable to see each other, even locally. Many of us—including the Interior Design team—are working from home, which is difficult for such a collaborative industry. Doing our part to contribute to public health and safety, my staff and I began working remotely last Friday, minutes after shipping our April issue. We are all rewriting the playbook as we go.

But we can take heart: Designers are well equipped to help solve humanity’s most complex problems, including this one. Facing real-life challenges is what we do on a daily basis…building, being positive, and being strong together. As hard as this crisis is, I’m heartened to say that I’m already hearing about the creative ways companies, studios, and firms are adapting. New types of interactions and collaborations are already unfolding. It’s a reminder of what’s enduring—and that beauty, inspiration, and uplifting each other are universal human needs.

The weeks ahead promise to bring unprecedented challenges. Please know that we are here to support you as you navigate this difficult time. Interior Design is committed to you and finding innovative solutions for your business because work goes on, and creativity endures. My team is available to talk, Skype, Zoom, whatever you need. And, most importantly, we want to hear from you so we can continue to be your meaningful partner.

A virtual hug to all,

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