July 24, 2018

Cubicall’s New Booth Looks Like a Job For Superman

Superman takes flight on Cubicall’s limited-edition phone booth, which features the official 80th anniversary decal. Photography courtesy of Cubicall.

Once a fixture omnipresent from street corners to transit hubs, the phone booth is currently enjoying an interior renaissance, now reinvented as a bastion of privacy within open-plan offices (how many did you spot at NeoCon?). 

The phenomenon finds its perfect partner this month, as a man who made those kiosks famous as quick-change hideaways lends his colorful visage to a line of limited editions by Cubicall, the two-year-old Los Angeles manufacturer of modern-minded phone booths.

The interior of Cubicall’s limited-edition Superman phone booth, showing the S-emblazoned acoustic panel mounted over comic-book graphics. Photography courtesy of Cubicall.

Developed in association with Warner Bros. Consumer Products on behalf of DC Entertainment, the release of the Superman-themed booths is timed to coincide with the Man of Steel’s 80th birthday. Cubicall cofounder and CEO Anthony Pucci calls the alliance a “quintessential paring,” adding, “No other superhero nor property lends itself better to offices and phone booths than Superman.”

The limited edition is essentially a tricked-out version of the manufacturer’s customizable Solo Booth, with exterior graphics depicting Superman in mid-transformation and in flight. Red acoustic panels clad the interior, one emblazoned with Superman’s ubiquitous S-symbol, the sheets set against black-and-white comic book graphics.

Clark Kent transforms into Superman on Cubicall’s limited-edition phone booth, the debut coinciding with the 80th anniversary of the DC Comics superhero. Photography courtesy of Cubicall.

Units are shipped flat with USB and power outlets, LED lights and built-in fan, the simple locking wall assembly requiring minimal tools to assemble onsite in about 60 minutes.

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