August 18, 2015

HiP at NeoCon: Honoring Industry People and Product

This special thank you to our partners is part of our spotlight on what’s HiP in 2015—the winners and honorees of the HiPpest products. See the slideshow for featured products from

Interior Design

‘s August partners.



Henge by Q Design is a modern reinterpretation of the classic club and tuxedo lounge chair, combining clean and simple modular lounge design with meticulous attention to detail. Henge is a hybrid of organic yet tailored and structured shapes, with wedge shaped seating that allows for endless configurations for any type of space. The unique two-tone upholstery detail adds a sophisticated design element, while the separate seat cushion can be upholstered in complementary or contrasting textiles, further enhancing the longevity of the design.


QU is a simple yet elegant stool that is surprisingly lightweight and mobile. The distinctive upholstery styling enhances the visual interest and versatility of this product making it ideal for corporate breakout areas as well as luxury hospitality environments.


Vee by Q Design was created to define spaces in populated environments, following a rise in demand for seating that allows both interaction and collaboration, whilst supporting different postures and tasks. The fully enclosed design provides seclusion and privacy, but can also be configured side by side for an intimate meeting space, much like a small café table or booth. The drop-down arm design also allows for side-to-side interaction, providing a semi-enclosed alternative. With its simplistic, inviting form, complemented by plush, sleek, sound-absorbing upholstery, as well as integrated power, convenient table surfaces and under seat storage.


The Ottens rocking chair designed by Jinho Song is a generously proportioned, fantastically comfortable lounge chair. Its innate visual simplicity masks a simple feature, in that it rocks, allowing everyone to find their perfect sitting position. A distinctive ottoman complements the chair or alternatively works well as a stand out piece on its own.


ECONYL® Global Collection

The ECONYL® Global Collection now boasts 138 colors, allowing carpet manufacturers and designers to design more than 10,000 possible color combinations. Made from 100 percent regenerated Nylon 6, ECONYL is a sustainably manufactured 900 denier solution dyed fiber offering excellent performance in carpeting for commercial, healthcare and institutional environments. The bleach-resistant fiber allows for the rich, vibrant colors to withstand years of wear, cleaning and maintenance without fading. ECONYL is included on the list of materials eligible for LEED® points as part of the worldwide standards for eco-friendly buildings.


Combining balance and geometry with an ultra-modern vibe, Infinium offers compelling visual elements at every turn. While its distinctive front leg design supports the form, the legs themselves all but seem to disappear when viewed at different angles, creating a mystifying visual. Dramatic from all sides, this stunning display of innovative products seamlessly complements one another to deliver infinite possibilities.

Avelina Meeting Tables

Beautifully structured, with an emphasis on subtle details and expert craftsmanship, Avelina is more than a pretty face. Concealed wire management, tech-friendly options and adjustable glides are among its true strengths, followed by its broad range of flexibility in sizes and finish selections. Well-suited for casual meeting spaces, co-working stations, collaborative areas and more, Avelina is the winning combination of style and substance for today’s evolving workspaces.


Taking its cue from the shared society of today, Co-op is all about bringing people together and inspiring one another to achieve more. Designed by qDesign.

Vero Meeting Tables

A veritable meeting solution for all manners of gathering, Vero makes it easy to reach purposeful and production interactions every day. Designed by Ramsey Madsen and Jim Contois.

The James Collection

Architex introduces the James Collection, featuring sophisticated patterns with an edge of unpredictability. Patterns Precise, Cutting Edge, Off the Grid, Merchant and Artesima feature high-end wool, baby alpaca and solution-dyed nylon contents creating high durability with a luxe look and hand. Colorways range from handsome neutrals to high-octane brights allowing for classic interiors with a bit of an edge.

Off the Grid

Architex pattern Off the Grid, re-invents the classic windowpane pattern into a softer more ethereal version.  Floating netted lines accent against a heathered wool ground creating texture and depth in this modern organic pattern.  Featuring polyester and alpaca content, this pattern exceeds 100K double rubs for long-lasting durability.


Architex pattern Kinship’s fluid and organic grid features a subtle watercolor wash along the background creating an organic modernism aesthetic. Twelve colors include a range of colorways including Limoncello, Citrus, Slate and Claret. Featuring 100K double rubs and Write-Off ink and stain resistant technology, this pattern is as durable as it is beautiful.

EvoFabric Virtual

EvoFabric Virtual is a digitally created polyurethane collection. This 4-step process begins with a multi-color transfer print, which is protected by clear film layer and then embossed. This multi-layer process ensures the extreme durability of the product passing over 100,000 double-rubs and being stain & ink-resistant. Virtual is ideal for healthcare facilities that need a durable/functional fabric yet requires aesthetic designs. With Virtual, designers are free to select multi-colored design with the highest performance. All that is needed to clean stains is just a dry towel. Bleach, Virex, etc. can be used and the product is totally impermeable.

EvoFabric Etched

EvoFabric Etched seamlessly engraves brilliant metallic colors into the complex embossed contours of a polyurethane faux leather. The range of designs has no limit as multiple metallic colors can be combined with various emboss patterns. The product may look decorative with its shining radiance, but it is of high performance as it is graffiti-free, bleach cleanable, and passes over 100,000 double rubs.


Ecoskin introduces 8 new patterns into the industry’s first and only polyurethane based wallcovering. Ecoskin is an eco-friendly alternative to PVC wallcoverings. This collection can be cleaned with bleach or alcohol & water based cleaners.

DLC Black Box Logo

Klipps by Source One Upholstery

Inspired by trending design and art, Klipps rediscovers cubism in a more structured version, creating a sense of organized movement through the bends of the animated pattern.

The diversified palette of 12 colorways will allow for a high impact or subtle statement, certain to complement any personalized style. Use the contemporary neutrals to complement any vivid color palette, or the bright colors to make pop statement.

Fitzmartin by Source One Exclusive

Inspired by both classic and trending textile fashions, Fitzmartin is sophisticated and fresh, familiar and cozy. It is a contemporary take on traditional tartans, providing a fashion forward palette, complete with edgy metallics.

The Fitzmartin color palette complements the crisp and classic pattern. Offering both a rich, wool-like red and black combination, to a clean and frosty grey, Fitzmartin is sure to personalize any space with timeless style. Choose a tonal blend for a subtle look or high contrast combination for a bold statement.

Fractal by Lanark

Fractal is a nod to crystal and geometric trends. The scale of the irregular and broken surface creates a depth in texture that emulates large, sparkling masses of crystalline rock.

The Fractal color palette is aglow with endless options, inspired by the natural tones found in crystal, marble and mica. The hues are delicately glassy and fused with metallic brightness. From a mother of pearl White Sugar and a frosted white Calcite to a smoky Carbon grey to a bronze-based Toffee, the chromas are celestial and airy.

Daybreak by Source One

Daybreak is a new pattern that is part of the Source One Privacy Curtain collection.  Inspired by the break of dawn, Daybreak is a vivacious pattern, filled with energy and warmth. The soft gradient is layered over stacking prisms, consistent with current geometric design trends.

The vast spectrum of soothing and vibrant colors balance and complement the sturdy geometric pattern. Daybreak offers a range of color options from a bright, cheerful green and a warm shade reminiscent of a sunset, to pale, peaceful lavender and a neutral latte. Daybreak is sure to bring life, comfort and joy to any space.

Foss Collection

Raindrops run down the window as a never-ending story. Each drop follows its own path, that is quickly washed away by a new drop. Simple yet intriguing Foss represents the magic of city meets force of nature, when concrete and glass meet water and wind. Foss has a color palette that reminds of the transformation from dry to wet. Concrete, stone, sand, asphalt all change when a rain shower or a wave touch them. The sun and the wind bring them back to their original color and in between these two extremes lie a countless amount of tones and shades.

Memory Collection

Memory is about the importance of looking back, recalling past crafts and re-interpreting them by using current manufacturing techniques. The texture was inspired by worn velvet, in combination with a digital and pixelated pattern.

The marriage of a complex structured multi-level loop and digital coloration gives the Memory collection a unique expression. The richly textured flooring is on-trend and the modular and broadloom options offer you a lux feel with creative possibilities for co-ordination and combination.”

Montgolfier Etosha

The ege Couture Collection transports you to the never-ending horizons of Africa, a continent that can be explored till the end of one’s life, never boring, never the same.  Imagine the orange, red and brown colors of the dry savannah.  Picture the roaring blue salt lake with white foam tops; the green, brown and black shades from burnt forests and metallic nuances from a glittering gold mine.

Equal Measure Collection

Equal Measure™ is inspired by the places where man-made products and Mother Nature intersect. Like the crossroads of two streets, Equal Measure moves easily in four directions, end-to-end and side-to-side, offering endless opportunities to create custom floors.

The collection’s three styles are designed in Interface’s Skinny Planks format. The irregular geometric pattern of EM553 seems to have been carved out of its plush finish, while EM552 serves as the bridge tile for the collection and EM552 is a simple, low profile texture. More energetic floors can be created when contrasting colors and textures are mixed in less obvious ways.

Near & Far Collection

With Mother Nature continuing as its ultimate design muse, Interface has created Near & Far-. The collection’s organic design reference is clear, and the artisan’s hand is evident in the shape and materials that are the beneficiaries of modern technology.

Near & Far is made of two Skinny Planks styles. NF400 studies shade and hue in striations that run the length of the Skinny Planks. NF401 explores these ideas in greater dimensions with carving and depth and curvilinear movements. The juxtaposition of the two set side by side awakens the edges, adding a third design element to explore.

J+J Flooring Group


For decades, photography has allowed us to document our lives in order to experience each moment long into the future. The future however, took an ironic turn as we began to adopt digital filters to mimic the unexpected, textural appeal of early instant photography. Inspired by this vintage visual, J+J Flooring Group introduces Filtered Effects, an imaginative, full spectrum carpet collection from the Invision brand.  The first product of the collection, F-Stop, will launch in Fall 2015. F-Stop creates a dynamic visual with its 12″ x 48″ demi-plank format and fresh color options.


For decades, photography has allowed us to document our lives in order to experience each moment long into the future. The future however, took an ironic turn as we began to adopt digital filters to mimic the unexpected, textural appeal of early instant photography. Inspired by this vintage visual, J+J Flooring Group introduces Filtered Effects, an imaginative, full spectrum carpet collection from the Invision brand. Aperture is a luxurious broadloom coordinate of the collection and is thoughtfully created to offer saturated color that is balanced by CEO sophistication. Aperture will be available in Fall 2015.

Umbra – Kinetex

Lines and colorations reminiscent of the darkest, innermost shadow of an eclipse (the Umbra) are the design inspiration for the first modular plank products from J+J Flooring Group’s brand, Kinetex. Available in 13 colorways and an 18” x 36” size, Umbra encompasses the unmatched performance and sustainable attributes that are inherent in all Kinetex textile composite flooring products. Umbra serves as a unique alternative for interiors requiring the durability of hard surface and the highly sought after attributes of soft surface.

Keilhauer Logo


Wheels is a 7-piece collection of mobile seating & tables designed to support an idea lab, where the spontaneous exchange of ideas fosters creativity. Wheels, as its name implies, is entirely mobile.  Every piece – chair, stool, chaise, idea divider, and tables – is equipped with large casters and built with light wire structures to make the collection movable in an instant. Rather than search for a place to collaborate when the creative energy erupts, participants can bring the furniture to the meeting place. Design is minimal, deceptively raw, with only essential elements included.


Chemistry is a unique collection of interconnecting benches and tables. The name denotes the appearance of the configurations – when Chemistry components (or ‘molecules’) are added to one another to build configurations of various shapes, the results resemble the symbols of chemical compounds. The basic module is a 2-seater V-shaped bench incorporating the magic angle of communication, which rests on a simple wire base and ground plate. 3 tables of different shapes connect to the benches, creating unlimited configurations which can accommodate any meeting scenario, as the space dictates.


A well-proportioned, comfortable conference chair, Collo has eight models to meet the needs of the ever-increasing return to private meeting rooms.  Available with and without arms, with three different bases:  4 legs in steel; 4 legs in wood; 5-star swivel bases in aluminum and nylon.  A side lounge chair complements the conference chair design. The swivel base provides a soothing rocking motion for extra comfort in a conference chair.

Kimball Office


Canopy moves beyond conventional open plan benching to give each user a versatile work tool that changes according to the needs of the moment. While this product will fit into any open plan, it may be modified to give the user more acoustical and visual privacy as needed. And Canopy’s height adjustment capability—a discreet mechanism that allows the user to raise or lower the desk without disturbing colleagues—is both a social and an ergonomic advance.


With a shape that is equally expressive and welcoming, the Italian-designed (Marco Maran) Splendor combines the comfort of a warm embrace with a versatility suitable for any environment. Its captivating silhouette, subtle details and gentle curves are designed to provide comfort as well as a freedom of movement that truly increases functionality and adaptability.


Kore addresses a variety of needs and offers choices. As it is based on simple yet timeless aesthetics it blends easily into different scenarios. Simplicity as a starting point combined human needs are at its very core.


The Pairings collection delivers essential elements to support conversation and collaborative work across a variety of work applications. From corporate offices to higher education facilities to hospitality destinations, this product line of seating, tables, and surfaces creates adaptable lounge-based work settings that can play host to both teams and technology in comfort and style.

Traction Avenue

A partnership with Shimoda Design Group. 12”x48” carpet plank inspired by industry and art, grit and glory, the beauty of L.A. In an innovative system of 18 colors that enables designers to move seamlessly from neutral gradations to chroma saturated colors. “We were interested in exploring design aspects that we felt were missing in current corporate carpet design. Pattern that creates a sense of scale and direction, and brings a personal design point of view. We also pushed color into a richer range, giving the planks an almost iridescent effect. In some of the patterns, it almost glimmers,” says Joey Shimoda.

Mayer Fabrics Logo

Kimono Collection

The Kimono collection from Lucia Cassa features natural wool textiles inspired by the art of Japanese kimono. Katagami stencils inspired the designs for patterns Katagami and Origami and set the overall tone of the collection. A unique modern design aesthetic is achieved through the interpretation of an age-old textile art form that clearly transcends time and place. Milled in America.


Kimono Collection – Shibori is a Japanese term for several methods of dyeing cloth with a pattern by binding, stitching, folding, twisting, or compressing it. Some of these methods are known in the West as tie-dye. Our Shibori fabric also has the blurred edges associated with Kasuri or Japanese Ikat. Grand in scale and quintessentially modern, Shibori is the collection’s statement piece. The pattern is being offered on a roll basis at this time and features the collection’s most intense color combinations. Shibori is REACH Compliant.*


Kimono Collection – Katagami is a carved mulberry paper stencil that is used for resist dying on Japanese Kimono. Our fabric, Katagami, is based on an authentic stencil likely from the Meiji period (late 19th century). An open geometric grid constitutes the design of the stencil as well as the fabric, and is achieved through the manipulation of positive and negative spaces. Colors Artemisia, Ginkgo, Grenadine, Cobalt and Pearl Grey are combined with shadowy neutral accents in this sophisticated textile. Katagami is REACH Compliant.*

Finer Points Collection

Finer Points features a well-integrated collection of energetic patterns and textures inspired by architectural details. Woven from recycled post-consumer and pre-consumer as well as antimony-free polyester. Finer Points offers high performance and reasonably priced solutions for the environment. Milled in America.

Milliken Logo

Color Field

Dramatic color creates life when there is no distinctive figure to distinguish where one form ends and another begins. Respectful of the boundary, yet driven by the need to explore something larger, our perspective is shaped by the entirety of the canvas, be it one of smooth linen or rough-hewn board.

1 pattern, available in 64 colors.

Arcadia Collection

Curious to find a new vista, our path of choice led us through the wilderness. Each step revealing an unspoiled view that lifted our spirit. Our time here creates a new perspective and enlightens our soul for tomorrow’s challenge.

4 patterns available in 16 colors.

LVT Collection

From natural looks of wood and stone to more modern textures and abstracts, Milliken’s collection of Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring creates new options for a commercial or hospitality interior. Our simple to search Color Reference system provides easy coordination of the LVT options to modular and broadloom carpets. From carpet tile to broadloom to planks to LVT, Milliken provides durable and elegant options for your project.

19 patterns, 109 total colors.

Mass Appeal

With enhanced design flexibility and sustainable attributes, Mass Appeal is an LVT collection featuring innovative modern textures. The styles include Metal, which emulates oxidized metallic stone, and Matter, which mirrors an inviting linen-like texture. Mass Appeal is available in 18”x36” tiles that are twice as thick as traditional LVT, providing a seamless transition to carpet. The loose lay construction allows for quick installation over large areas and immediate occupancy, while the M-Force Enhanced Urethane Finish provides polish-optional protection against heavy traffic. Mass Appeal contains? a minimum of 8 percent bio-based renewable resource content by total product weight and is phthalate-free.


Lakir is a broadloom collection inspired by the simplicity of reconstructed lines. Carved accents and dense, scalloped ribbing give a luxurious handcrafted feel. Featuring precision sculpted effects, Lakir’s 15 patterns explore the technical capabilities exclusive to Durkan’s Definity manufacturing technology, which replicates the durability and look of Axminster as it has never been done before. Definity produces textural effects and stunning large-scale patterns more economically than Axminster and in less time. Lakir is made with Colorstrand fiber and backed by WeldLok, which makes it ideal for high-performance environments. The Lakir Collection is Red List free and 100% recyclable.

Moving Floors

Designed in collaboration with 13&9 of INNOCAD, Moving Floors is inspired by the individuality of nature and features geometric patterns that move dynamically based on the user’s changing point of view. The 24” x 24” carpet tiles function as a flooring system that creates personalized indoor landscapes. Available in a sophisticated palette, the carpet is constructed of Duracolor fiber, which has superior inherent stain- and wear-resistance ideal for heavy traffic. Moving Floors contains 30% recycled content and is available standard with EcoFlex NXT, a Red-List free backing with a minimum of 35 percent pre-consumer recycled content.

Get Smart

Get Smart is a high-performance carpet collection that provides total flexibility in planning, installing and caring for your floors. Styles include broadloom, 24”x24” carpet tile and 12”x36” carpet tile, with coordinating hard surface. The rectilinear patterns with organic overtones look smart in any configuration, while mergeable dye lots and Quickship availability provide enduring flexibility in design and installation. Constructed with Duracolor fiber that delivers permanent stain resistance and unsurpassed colorfastness, Get Smart guarantees your carpet will perform. With EcoFlex NXT tile backing and Unibond Plus broadloom backing, you also get a sustainable product that is easy to install.

Okamura Logo


Traverse is a new conference table collection that brings offices together, beautifully. Inspired by architecture and made possible by advances in structural engineering, the tables feature a top so thin that it seems to float gracefully on the minimal support system, yet can span up to 20 feet in length. Every component of the table has been meticulously designed, from the silhouette to the transparent design, from the integration of technology to fourteen beautiful finishes.


Inspired by bespoke tailored suiting, Plimode unites precision engineering and elegance. Specially selected quality fabrics, a minimal profile made possible by an inner-mesh structure, and discreet mechanisms for synchro reclining and preference settings—all without any compromise of comfort.


From sitting to standing, and back again. SW is a series of modern work and conference tables that quickly, smoothly, and safely adjust their height at the click of a button. As research uncovers more health benefits of alternating postures throughout the work day—SW makes it simple, with style.


Create spaces of concentration or collaboration within open floor plans. Muffle is a modular system of panels, sofas, tables, and more—designed to facilitate heads-down or heads-together work in comfort, free from distraction.


Health and Learning Rubber Tile and Tread

Roppe’s new Health and Learning Rubber Tile and Tread line was developed using our most popular tile designs and patterns. A palette of calm, warm and inviting colors also allows for pops of color to add interest and character to your space.

Marble Fiesta Rubber Tile and Tread

Marble Fiesta is an exciting new style that is appealing to look at while providing all of the great attributes that make rubber flooring a great choice.  The versatile palette coordinates with other Roppe products and can be mixed and matched to create a unique space.

Roppe Health and Learning Vinyl Tile

Roppe’s new Health and Learning Vinyl Tile coordinates with the Rubber Tile and Tread of the same name, while offering the ability to keep a consistent look where different product types are needed within an environment.

Shaw Logo

The Park

The Park is designed to redefine boundaries, enhance our mood and open our minds. Color, pattern and texture influence and enhance the way we move and gather, from large crowds to peaceful pathways. Transition from communal energy to a quiet, singular moment. Alone. Together.


Noble Materials

Sacred geometry. Meticulously plotted diagrams. Charted experimentation. The hierarchy of Noble Materials revealed. Gold, silver and copper inlays form opulent details in natural textures. Sleek stonework with gleaming touches of polished metal. Nature takes form, an unexpected pairing of movement and texture. A curated study of true alchemy, in tile and broadloom.



Welcome to an altered perspective. We’ve changed the space and redefined the room to give you an entirely different point of view—one where things aren’t quite what they seem. Layer your curiosity with creativity to blur the line between what’s real and what’s surreal. This is Altered, a collection where manipulation takes left, right, and center stage—redefining how we see. Not just within your space, but all that surrounds it.


Hand Drawn

Setting electronic devices aside, we turned our attention to ink and paper and sketched. Following our instincts, we began a simple study of hand-drawn lines. We explored width, irregularity, and imperfection. We experimented with line weight, abstract and analog proportion, and tactile movement. Through our own hands,we found beauty in the inconsistencies. And revealed something of ourselves.


Tandus Centiva


Inspired by ancient mapmaking techniques, Cartography reinvigorates commercial settings with a fresh take on organics for interior floorcovering.

Using abstract map shapes and bright color accents, Cartography provides the perfect solution for floor plane spacing and workplace seating. Matte and lustrous fiber with cut and un-cut pile add depth and visual interest.


Culturally and stylistically advanced, Avant is designed to evoke the physical idea of movement and vitality. Pushing the boundaries, Avant radically restructures the way we view the floor. Left as a Powerbond® 6 foot roll good, Avant gives the illusion of movement against a plane. In a modular tile form, it becomes a tactile texture varying in intensity from one tile to the next. With visual style and rhythmic structures, Avant is available in 16 colorways.


Designer Suzanne Tick draws upon her expertise in textiles to bring a high-tech aesthetic to floor through the innovation of traditional weave structures. The result is Indent, which pushes the technology of woven floorcovering to new heights by incorporating the backing yarns into the overall carpet design. Through a unique weave draft that is unlike anything else in the marketplace, Indent utilizes voided dents in the warp to create architectural patterning.


Linewave, designed by Suzanne Tick, explores pattern orientations inspired by circuit boards and digital electronics. Building upon the idea of digital connection and transformation that was originally explored in the Code Series, Linewave has a wide-width thread up with a subtle color shift across the width. The colour palette is a mixture of sophisticated brights and neutral-on-neutral combinations informed by rare earth metals, which are essential to the evolution of technology ranging from lasers to camera lenses to computer memory modules.


Rescape starts with a wall tile framework that includes panels of various materials: laminates, fabrics, white boards and accessory rails; while also integrating shelving, storage, electrical components and various work surfaces.

Rescape wall tiles are not what are traditionally thought of as a set of components within a frame or features simply attached to walls. Rescape is a proprietary system developed by Three H that starts with a metal frame understructure that is fitted to a complete wall or a portion of a wall. Functional tile components then snap on to the frame structure.


Parkway is professionally designed by Jean Bourassa ADIQ and the Three H team led by Brian Conlin, COO.Full length brushed aluminum, easy-open power/data lids highlight the minimalist, seamless look. Features frameless glass, fabric or laminate dividers and a steel reinforced structure that encases all cabling and provides an assembly process that is fast, simple and strong. Also, the proprietary center legs allow for large leg-less expanse of worksurface. Parkway provides easy integration of cabinetry from all the other Three H lines of storage. A selection of 36 in-stock laminates for fast delivery.


Elegantly simple collaborative, bar and counter height, work table program. Featuring a new optional easy-access surface-embedded or under work surface power/data port.

Versteel Logo

Eliga Benching

Eliga Benching fosters collaboration while still giving users their own personal space. The Benching application features fixed tables combined with media cases that create numerous compositions and unlimited universatility and flexibility. Add privacy panels, power & data for limitless possibilities. Vertical wire management allows for ease to the floor. Privacy panels add just the right touch for personal space. And an unsurpassed standards program and available custom finishes allow you to specify the look you desire.

Eliga Training Table

Tables are not just a work space; they’re actually a definition of your personality and style. With the addition of Eliga Training Tables to the Eliga product offering, its features and options make the universatility and flexibility of the table limitless. Eliga Training is available in a fixed or slim-tilt. The slim-tilt table is a 90 degree vertical tilt which makes nesting and storage completely effortless. Eliga Training provides users numerous options with top, edge and modesty panel materials as well as power & data, wire management and casters options to create the perfect collaboration.

Quanta HD Beam

Quanta HD Beam is more than just beautifully crafted, lightweight seating. It is available in an array of seat and table combinations that allow for an endless number of configurations. Seats are constructed from the highest quality polyshell and the frame is designed utilizing a solid steel construction making it extremely durable, yet still maintaining the design elegance of a Versteel product. Quanta HD Beam is an extension of the designer’s strategy that evolves a single design concept into a product with many variants, allowing users to find the right piece for them — in terms of design and comfort.

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