March 1, 2020

KOVA SELECT’s New Modular Plumbing System Ensures Ease for Designers and Builders Alike

KOVA SELECT’s modular plumbing fixtures, available in Brushed Nickel, Polished Chrome, and Matte Black finish options, have a refined aesthetic fit for any contemporary kitchen setting.  Photography courtesy Katerra. 

The installation of interior finishes and fixtures can drastically slow, or even halt, the construction and design of just about any project, especially new builds, given unforeseen issues such as shipping inconsistencies, compatibility, or use in the space. KOVA SELECT, Katerra’s new line of premium products, eliminates these inefficiencies by combining end-to-end integration, technological innovation, and timeless design. Engineered around modular configuration systems that offer ease of manufacturing and cost efficiency, the KOVA SELECT collection enables designers to create a wide number of configurations and arrangements at a practical price.

From showerheads to faucets, the collection’s modularity ensures easy installation while delivering a cohesive look. Photography courtesy Katerra. 

As spaces that require extra attention to product selection, bathrooms and kitchens are especially exciting canvases for designers to unleash their creativity, but can be particularly challenging to deliver on time and on budget. KOVA SELECT’s first offering, the Modular Plumbing System, is a complete set of core plumbing fixtures and accompanying installation materials that streamlines the finishing phase for these particular areas. Designed around shared proportions and geometries, all components, which come in standard Brushed Nickel, Polished Chrome, and Matte Black finish options, bring an elevated design aesthetic to any kitchen or bath setting, while also allowing builders to work from one standard kit of parts.

To make things even simpler, many of the parts—including escutcheons, handles and interior components—are shared across all fixtures; deck-mount components install using the the same tool-less quick connectors, while wall-mount valves incorporate PEX adapters out of the box; shower valves ship with vertically-oriented hot and cold inputs requiring adapters, quicker connections and horizontal shower fixture arrangements not possible with standard valves.

KOVA SELECT’s kitchen and bath fixtures are CalGreen certified and comply with EPA WaterSense requirements, promoting water efficiency without sacrificing a sleek design aesthetic, or hindering user experience. Photography courtesy Katerra. 

“When we approach developing a category of products we try to look at it holistically,” said Trevor Schick, head of the KOVA materials business. “Rather than design a one-off kitchen faucet or showerhead, we wanted to tackle all of plumbing together to be fully cohesive across all the product types, and to offer the most flexibility to designers with the fewest number of parts.”  

In addition to its ease of use, elegant design, and cost efficiency, KOVA SELECT’s Modular Plumbing System meets the highest environmental standards for reducing indoor water usage: all kitchen and bath faucets and showerheads are CalGreen certified, and comply with EPA WaterSense requirements, promoting water efficiency without hindering user experience. Focused on democratizing good design and developed with an integrated approach that engages experts across architecture, engineering, construction, and technology, KOVA optimizes all the parts and processes that bring a product to life—from the supply chain to enhancing the overall aesthetic of a space.

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