May 23, 2016

Pretty Planks & OMG LVT

For NeoCon 2016, Mannington Commercial teamed up with ONE Global—a collaborative of principal-led design firms in 18 cities, from Vancouver to Mexico City, Atlanta to Los Angeles. With more than 500 professionals collaborating on more than 50 projects across North America, ONE Global brings a global reach and a personal touch to every client. 

Mannington partnered with a team of principals from across the collaborative, to create two collections: Infused LVT and Intrinsic carpet planks. 

Infused is essential LVT, a mosaic of five sophisticated, graphic patterns, inspired by five cultural centers. Vivid festivals, life on city streets, phonograph albums and more—capturing the spirit of the Americas from Atlanta to Chicago, Mexico City, New York, and Philadelphia. Mix, and remix, the tiles to create spaces that will last for years. 

“More is more, less is a bore,” said the LVT team. “We wanted to celebrate our differences by looking deeply into a unique aspect of the culture our cities have to offer. Each tile is a reflection of how we see the world from a different angle.”

Intrinsic 18”x36” carpet planks are drawn from nature’s lovely details, expressed in patterns and colors that are anything but ordinary. Inspired by the Eames’ Powers of Ten—ranging from the grand scale of topography to the intimacy of a blown dandelion, the collection shapes a captivating interplay of geometries and organics. 

If you’re at NeoCon this year, be sure to stop by Mannington’s showroom to say hello, see an amazing array of products, and meet with their designers. Or join the fun Pop-Up Brunch with Cindy Allen, Tuesday morning, 9:00—10:45 am. And if you’re not, visit our digital showroom at, after June 12. 

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