June 16, 2015

Take Comfort in Discovery and Renewal at Tandus Centiva

Sponsored by Tandus Centiva

Craftsmanship. Re-use. Re-purpose. All that plus the “realness” of time-tested, aged materials inform the latest product launches from Tandus Centiva, a company with over 40 years of experience in manufacturing transformative modular flooring. We’ve never felt so confident in the industry’s drive for self-renewal.

A modern riff on complicated plaid, Maelstrom captures the look and feel of motion picture film strips. Designed by Jhane Barnes, the pattern’s 14 color positions are threaded across a 6-foot-wide platform for effortless seaming and unique color combinations. The option to specify many plank and tile sizes lets designers further customize with a variety of surface textures.

But if going to the movies just isn’t your thing, Tandus Centiva delivers rhythm and vitality with Avant, designed to evoke the physical sensation of forward movement. And that progression doesn’t just mean hyper tactile textures and 16 bold colorways—the modular tiles can be backed with Ethos®, a non-chlorinated polymer created from the film used in recycled safety glass and windshields. Plus, like all of the company’s soft surface products, Avant is 100 percent recyclable through ReStart®, Tandus Centiva’s closed-loop recycling program. (By the way, ReStart® was the first of its kind to be SCS-certified.) 

There’s always a place for timelessness—especially when we’re talking comfort. Rooted in ancient map-making techniques with structured amorphous patterning, Cartography uses matte and lustrous fibers to evoke the depth of your grandfather’s hand-painted maps. Designed to personalize the workplace with bright color accents and floor plan mapping, these 24”x24” modular tiles sport the textural surface of cut and un-cut pile. Patterns, textures and colors flow, pool and shift from tile to tile, culminating in a unified design. Warm and cool neutrals work to ground the product.

Take comfort in discovery and renewal at Tandus Centiva.


NEW Soft Flooring from Tandus Centiva

Maelstrom captures the look and feel of motion picture film strips. 

Avant delivers rhythm and vitality designed to evoke the physical sensation of forward movement.

Cartography uses matte and lustrous fibers to evoke the depth of your grandfather’s hand-painted maps

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