August 22, 2016

The Amelia Truss Rug is the Product of a Familial Collaboration at Vanderhurd

Infighting between in-laws is a comedy cliché. There’s no squabbling to snicker over at Vanderhurd, however. Creative director Christine Van Der Hurd and son-in-law Jacob Van Horn, studio director, have inaugurated a collaboration, and the Amelia Truss rug is the result.

Inspired by the geometry of Sol LeWitt sculptures and drawings, narrow strips in contrasting colors are layered across the ground. That’s thanks to a tapestry technique in which the weft threads are wrapped over and under the warp.

Handwoven in India, from hand-dyed linen with a pinch of viscose to boost luminosity and strength, the rugs measure 6 by 9 feet. Choose from six colorways, or customize.

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