December 3, 2019

5 Modern American-Made Products From Top Designers

These five American-made products offer a modern twist.

Designer: Aimée Wilder

Product: Earthlight

Made in: Brooklyn, New York

Standout: The textile and wall covering doyenne charts the waxing and waning of the moon in a design digitally printed on FSC-certified paper. 

Designer: Molly Fitzpatrick of DittoHouse

Products: Lala, Hopeful

Made in: Cleveland

Standout: Recycled cotton and polyester comingle in Courageous Women, a collection of pillow covers and throw blankets endorsing empowerment. 

Designer: James Dieter

Product: Elbo

Made in: Brooklyn, New York

Standout: Flat bands of aluminum support the sconce’s porcelain-and-glass diffusers in a composition whose graphic quality the designer dubs both “cartoonish and refined.” 

Designer: Lauren Williams of Lauren Williams Art + Home

Product: Canvas With Movement

Made in: Dallas

Standout: The self-taught painter turned fiber artist gathers hundreds of custom-dyed wool strands and drapes them gracefully from a walnut frame. 

Designers: Justin Donnelly and Monling Lee of Jumbo

Product: Neotenic

Made in: Brooklyn, New York

Standout: The pair ply their predilection for whimsy with a chubby chair and a lamp handcrafted from playfully tubular steel.

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