7 Lighting Designs With Unexpected Details

Lamps, sconces, and pendants a little left of center.

a pendant light in deep brown

1. Zoë Mowat’s Isle suspension lamp in marble and frosted tubular glass by Lambert & Fils through Gestalt New York. gestaltnewyork.com

a hanging beam with light in gray

2. Frank Neidhardt’s Blade aluminum pendant with energy-efficient LED technology by Boyd. boydlighting.com 

chastity sconce

3. Chastity sconce in handblown custom-molded glass with stainless-steel cage by Studio S II. studiosii.com

a square with glowing bulbs

4. Flack Studio’s Lucky brass sconce by Volker Haug Studio. volkerhaug.com 

a colorful fan with colored panels
Photography by Annika Kafcaloudis.

5. Arco chandelier with electroplated-brass frame and dichroic Starfire-glass petals by Lusive Décor. lusive.com

four lamps in pastels that look as if sliced in half

6. Shelley Simpson and Zachary Hanna’s Pop porcelain lamp with concealed dimmable LED light source by Mud Australia. mudaustralia.com 

lights that look like bricks

7. Omar Gandhi Architects’s OG Brick interior/exterior light in brass with mesh lens by Aaline. aaline.ca 

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