June 27, 2019

8 Hot New Products from Trend-Setting Designers

From cantilevered aluminum planters to a modern take on a classic army cot, see 8 seasonal products from trend-setting designers.

Designers: Lindsey Price Criswell and Donnie Criswell of Denver Modern

Product: Tundra

Standout: The Colorado-based husband-wife duo uses leather braces and brass hardware to hold oak shelves in place, while a sliding steel door adds clever peekaboo storage to the cabinet below.

Designer: Ana María Gómez of amgs

Product: A Boi

Standout: The Brussels-trained designer traveled to Cucunubá in her native Colombia to collaborate with weaver William Contreras on unique Peruvian alpaca textiles that blend craft and contemporary design.

Designers: Josh Metersky and Aiden Bowman for The Future Perfect

Product: Lescaze

Standout: The Trueing co-founders imagined a seat in anodized aluminum and cast-glass brick. Its name is a reference to noted modernist William Lescaze, who utilized glass brick for a Manhattan town house facade in 1934.

Designer: Brecht Wright Gander of Birnam Wood Studio

Products: Total Garbage and Magritte

Standout: Co-dependent aluminum cantilevered shelving only functions when balanced by soil placed in the planter bin, thus allowing for object display.  It is paired with an ombré blue aluminum stand that corrals umbrellas.

Designer: Jude Heslin Di Leo of Jude Heslin Di Leo

Product: Gibbous

Standout: Tracings of the lunar calendar led the designer to the curvaceous form of these bleached maple armchairs, softened by bridle leather seats and backrests, which pair well with a table from the same collection.

Designer: Riley McFerrin of Hinterland

Product: Field

Standout: A modern take on the classic army cot by the Vancouver, B.C. studio tops a whitewashed white ash base with an overstuffed upholstered cushion, lashed to the frame via rope and secured by brass pegs.

Designer: Fanae Aaron of Parts + Assembly

Product: Amelia

Standout: The Los Angeles-based designer (and Sci-Arc graduate) crafts made-to-order mirror compositions in myriad materials including tinted mirror, raw brass, and lacquered steel. A sturdy integrated walnut shelf holds treasures.

Designer: Sarah Von Dreele of Sarah Von Dreele

Product: Betsey

Standout: The branding-consultant-turned-artist’s paintings are reborn as wallpaper digitally printed using water-based inks on non-woven grass cloth or metallic substrates. The coverings are named for important people from her life, in this case her mother.

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