September 19, 2019

A Wide-Brimmed Hat Inspired This Light Fixture by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

Photography by Robin Stein.

It was the jaunty tilt of a wide-brimmed picture hat worn by 1930s screen siren Myrna Loy that sparked Ladies & Gentlemen Studio’s gestural light fixture, appropriately named for the movie star. The perforated blackened-aluminum shade balances from a cantilevered arm—wall-mounted on a steel support—whose sliding counterweight adjusts the “chapeau” up or down. Founders Dylan Davis and Jean Lee enlisted Seattle glassblower John Hogan to craft the diminutive creamy-glass globe (also available in bronze and gray), its satin luster giving the LED source a dreamy glow. The studio first imagined the sartorial fixture as a commission for—and in collaboration with—New York interior design firm Studio Giancarlo Valle.

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