July 17, 2020

Abstracta Expands Acoustic Line with DB Pillar

DB Pillar.

Launched two years ago, Stockholm designer Thomas Bernstrand’s DB screen system is lauded for its acoustic properties and customizable accessories. Now, the line goes 3-D with DB Pillar. The expanded collection comprises a mélange of columns with acoustic-fabric upholstery that reduces low-frequency noise. Ranging from 14.8 to 33.4 inches across, DB Pillar stands 19.7 to 76 inches tall and, like its predecessor, can be customized with various gadgets, from coat hooks and magazine racks to a magnetic whiteboard surface. Desk and stool versions can be assembled into collaborative workstations, while flowerpot and trellis styles round out the collection. And, to reduce waste, Abstracta fills each Pillar with textile cutoffs from its Småland, Sweden, factory—resulting in a circular production process. Through Unika Vaev.

DB Pillar.

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