April 12, 2020

Antoniolupi Debuts First Transparent Bathtub

It’s a pioneering pair for Antoniolupi with the debut of Reflex, the company’s first transparent bathtub, and Cristalmood, the proprietary composite that en­abled the achievement. The style: a slender oval designed by AL Studio that reveals the flow of water (and presumably the bather) through saturated hues. The substance: a colored resin composed of polyester and pigment that weighs 30 percent less than comparable solid surfacing. The glossy compound comes in a total of 10 shades, from red Sangria to green Bottle. Complete with a drain­pipe fitting, pressure plug, siphon, and flexible hose, the tub measures a generous 66 inches long, 34 wide, and 21 high.

Reflex by Antoniolupi.

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