August 4, 2021

Atelier de Troupe Launches Château Table Series

An armchair with a wood back and white cushion on a rustic wood deck

Trust a former set designer to produce seriously eye-catching furnishings. A decade ago, Gabriel Abraham founded Atelier de Troupe with bold pieces referencing the austerity of the Bauhaus with notes of vintage Italian and French glamour. New to the Los Angeles studio’s stable is Château, a series of mahogany or walnut tables and chairs that investigate the modularity of the hexagon. For seating, the faceted design is complemented by detachable cushions available in COM; for the side and cocktail tables, there’s an inset bronze, glass, or stone surface. There are new sconces, too: Cloche, in glass and brass, and linear Bambou, made of one or many glass tubes.

A lounge chair made of wood with cream cushions on a wooded deck
“There’s an ethos of simplicity, warmth, and authenticity,” Abraham explains. 

The base of the armchair features two panels of wood that do not connect in the back

Atelier de Troupe's Château chair with dark gray upholstery and a dark wood base

Atelier de Troupe's Château table in the shape of a hexagon

Atelier de Troupe's Château side table with a hexagonal top

A wall sconce made of glass and brass

A tubular wall sconce with brass details by Atelier de Troupe

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