Bamboli blue sofa
Bamboli. Photography by Tommaso Sartori.

B&B Italia Launches 50th Anniversary Edition of Mario Bellini’s 1972 Sofa, Le Bambole

It was 1972 when B&B Italia introduced Mario Bellini’s Le Bambole, which was revolutionary then for its lack of an obvious support structure and casual informality (as witnessed in this advertising campaign from that year). A 2007 reissue of the sofa had thinner proportions. But, back by popular demand, the 50th anniversary edition, launching this month, returns the seating to its plumper profile—and is environmentally sensitive to boot. A new hollow rotational-molded recycled polyethylene structure requires less foam to achieve its plushness and is assembled with zero adhesive. The soft, almost fleecy acrylic-blend upholstery, a French sablé called Sila, is also new, available in eight calming colors including Bluette. The entirety can be disassembled and recycled. The series includes the Bambola armchair, the Bibambola and Granbambola two- and three-seater sofas, and the Bamboletto double bed.

B&B Italia advertising campaign from 1972
Photography by Oliviero Toscani/Courtesy of B&B Italia.
Bambola blue sofa
Bambola. Photography by Tommaso Sartori.

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