Julia Esque and Moooi

Júlia Esqué and Moooi Bring a Viral Chair Rendering by Andrés Reisinger to Full Bloom

Talk about the power of manifestation. Hortensia, the Interior Design 2021 Best of Year winner for Residential Lounge Seating, began life as a 3D rendering by Andrés Reisinger that went viral on Instagram. Customers wanted to buy it, but the chair didn’t exist…yet. Enter textile designer Júlia Esqué and manufacturer Moooi, who helped Reisinger figure out how to put the exuberant piece into production. Dressed in pink or gray laser-cut polyester petals, the seat resembles a hydrangea in bloom. For a subtler take, the pillowy foam shape can be upholstered in any Moooi fabric.

Hortensia, a chair covered in pink or gray laser-cut polyester petals.